Are you fed up not seeing anymore progressions in your climbing?

Do you have climbing goals but unsure how to achieve them? Are you a competition climber and need periodisation programs to give you peak performance?

At My Therapy we provide tailored coaching and training for each individual based on setting D.U.M.B goals. 

You can only achieve great things if you dream big from the beginning, and only then, you can break your big goal down into smaller steps to achieve it.

DUMB goals are:

D: Dream-driven
U: Uplifting
M: Method-friendly
B: Behavior-driven

These goals are the ones that accelerate growth, inspire people and set the right path to future success. By using DUMB goals, we set our minds free to dream big and dare to strive for greatness. Only then, the SMART method helps you break your big goal down to manageable and measurable tasks.

We provide a comprehensive initial assessment, with the information gathered from testing and goal setting we will be able to design a training program specific to your goals and needs. The programs are generally a 6-12 week cycle. Ideally you will be reviewed towards the end of your cycle and a new program will be made.