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Performance Coaching

My Therapy are passionate about their sport, rock climbing. They practice what they preach. They apply research, use their experience and train their clients as they would themselves. 

A key element to their training is that it is focused but fun. Its imperative that training complements your life. 

The five P's 

  • Passion - is the drive, the motivation, it doesn't require explanation. 

  • Planning - train smarter not harder.

  • Persistence - this is key to performance. Sticking to the training plan, to see the results, can take up to 6 months. There is no magic pill and it takes motivation and mental resilience to keep going. 

  • Positivity - maintaining a positive mindset is key to the process of training and eventually attaining results. 

  • Perspective - training and achieving goals are never a linear upward progression, you need to accept the rollercoaster journey that you are about to partake. Enjoy each moment and how it enhances your life.

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