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Next 4 week block starts Mon 20th Jan and Tues 21st Jan

Price: £42 (+£2.60 eventbrite fee)


Contact for availability.

Next 4 week block starts Mon 17th Feb 2020


7.30pm - 9pm


Contact for availability

Next 4 week block starts Tue 18th Feb 2020


7.30pm- 9pm

Only available class at present is on Tuesday 5.30pm - 7pm

Click here to book

Price: £42 (+£2.60 eventbrite fee)


These classes promise a challenging full body work out that will push you to your limit. It is designed for people of all abilities. Climb fit focuses on the core components of climbing targeting full body strength, stamina, core and mobilisation of your body in a way that improves your overall callisthenics movement.

Quality coaching is paramount to these classes therefore they have been designed for small groups to ensure best form is used for exercise execution.

(NB. some climbing experience is essential to attend Climb Fit)



Rob Hunter would say he has been training from the day he was born! His father instilled upon him a training mindset from a very young age, hiking up Slieve Donard at 7 carrying his own pack, started rock climbing age 8 and keeping his own training journals since a teenager. He continues to practice what he preaches and is a strong advocate of strength and conditioning to compliment his climbing performance and life.  He has many accolades; he co-owns My Therapy Physio and Performance, he is a Performance Climbing Coach (coaches the Irish Climbing Team), Strength and Conditioning Coach and a Sports Massage Practitioner. 


Exercises includes:

Climbing, kettlebells, free weights, gymnastic rings, mat work and more.


Contact us to make an enquiry and we will let you know when a space becomes available. 

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