Online Classes

Pilates Flow

Start your day with Pilates Flow. This energising movement based class is designed to increase your body awareness, mobilise and strengthen whilst incorporating your breath to facilitate a sense of well being.

Tuesdays  7am to 8am

Via Zoom

Equipement require:  Yoga mat, Yoga blocks or cushions, theraband

Pilates Power

Increase your body strength with Pilates Power. This class applies strength and conditioning principles to bodyweight exercises which will be challenging and fun. Learn to use your body efficiently to help increase your mobility and function.

Thursdays  6pm to 7pm

Via Zoom

Equipement require:  Yoga mat, Yoga blocks or cushions, theraband

Climb Fit

These weekly classes were previously run in our training facility however we are excited to run the classes remotely. They will focus on vertical and horizontal pulling and pressing strength, core strength and finger strength. These are all key areas to keep you conditioned for climbing. 

  • Starting Mon 23rd March at 5.30pm - 7pm.  

  • Starting Mon 23rd March at 7.30pm - 9pm.

  • Starting Tue 24th March at 5.30pm - 7pm.

  • Starting Tue 24th March at 7.30pm - 9pm.

  • If you are interested in joining our Climb fit classes please email us directly.

Via Zoom

Climb Stronger

In these unprecedented times we are offering a course of maintenance strength and fitness sessions at home whilst the climbing walls are closed. We aim to facilitate all attendees irrelevant of the equipment available. If you are aiming to improve your climbing performance and develop your hand and finger strength these workshops are for you.

Climb Stronger for Teenagers - starting Tuesday 24th March 1pm to 3pm. Please contact us to book onto this class.