26th Dec 2020

My Therapy are happy to announce that we are open for Physiotherapy and sports massage appointments and the rest of our services will be run remotely. However, this does not mean business as usual, there will be covid-19 measures in place to safe guard our clients and our community.  


1. Physiotherapy Consultations will entail an initial telephone triage for subjective history and covid screening which will last roughly 20mins. A joint decision will be made to decide whether a face to face (F2F) appointment or video consultation would be best. If a face to face appointment is arranged, the Physiotherapist will be wearing PPE and the client will be provided with a facemask.  

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and have put strict health and safety measures in place that follow Public Health England (PHE) and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) guidelines to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. For more information please click here.

⁣If you would like a Physiotherapy consultation or would like more information, please send us an E-mail on this contact form stating your request.

40 minute F2F Physiotherapy consultation - £45

40 minute Physiotherapy video consultation - £40


2. Remote training programs to maintain your climbing strength and fitness at home. Each program will be individually tailored based on your goals and equipment at home. The program will last for 3 months. Cost £90. 

E-mail us on this contact form stating your interest in remote training program.


3. Sports Massage will entail a covid prescreening and signed consent prior to appointment. The practitioner will be wearing PPE and the client will be provided with a facemask.


4. Climb Fit will recommence week beginning Monday 11th Jan 2021. At present they will be run remotely via Zoom. These online classes are a great way to maintain strength and fitness during lockdown. Minimal equipment is required and they are suitable for all levels of fitness. Please email us on this contact form for more info on these classes.

When Climb Fit resumes back in our training facility in Lisburn, Covid measures are in place and facemasks will be mandatory.

5. Climbing Coaching will recommence when restrictions ease. This can be indoors at My Therapy's training facility or a full day experience outdoors on rock. Contact us for more information contact form.

In 2016 Epic TV was taken on a tour of the Boulderfield by Rob and Veronica. Here is a video showcasing some of the bouldering at Fairhead.

June 2016
Fairhead Bouldering Meet

The Fairhead Bouldering Meet happens every year on the first weekend of June from Friday to Sunday. This meet was predominantly a Trad meet but the bouldering scene in Ireland has somewhat grown and it doesn't look like its going to stop.

Since 2016, Rob and Veronica have taken psyched climbers on a tour of the Boulderfield during the meet. It has now become a firm favourite as an annual event not to be missed. 

This pair would describe Fairhead as their second home. They wrote the Fairhead Bouldering Guide in 2012. If you would like to purchase the first edition guide click on the "buy now" button.

NEWS...Second edition is in the pipeline but unfortunately there is still a lot of work to be done therefore no publishing date at present.

Purchase the Fairhead Bouldering Guide, 1st Edition, here:

Fairhead Bouldering Guide

Postage to UK & Northern Ireland

£20 + £2.50PP

Postage to Ireland & Europe 

£20 + £5PP



£20 + £10PP